I would highly recommend Peninsula Urban Forestry for any of your tree and environmental needs.  We needed an affordable biologist to create a Site Specific Impact Report for a home we will be building on Bainbridge Island that falls within the shoreline jurisdiction.  Not only did I get the report within 2 weeks (everyone else quoted 4-6 weeks), but it was much more extensive than I was anticipating (including a detailed planting report – saving us more money).  The bonus was that I was told by COBI that it would take about four months to get a response to our exemption request.  However, with information that the biologist found, the city waived the need for the exemption!  Done in one day!!!  All thanks to John and his folks.  Oh…and when John and his guys were doing a site analysis, they gave our neighbor free advice on an ailing tree.  It’s so nice to work with professionals who go above and beyond, while being totally affordable.  We, and our neighbors, will be using them for all our tree and environmental needs.