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Tree Conservation Plan and Tree Protection Plan

Tree Conservation Plan and Tree Protection Plan

September 5, 2017

​Tree Inventory and i-Tree Ecosystem Services

Peninsula Urban Forestry’s Certified Arborists conducted a tree inventory and developed a Tree Conservation Plan and supplemental Tree Protection Plan for a unique forested, cottage development within of Port Townsend Municipal Code. Using advanced tree preservation methods, and while working with engineer and architect, we successfully preserved a substantial number of mature conifers within the development. Our team incorporated the Forest Service’s i-Tree model to numerically quantify ecosystem services provided by the conserved trees. Air quality and water quality improvements via carbon sequestration, particulate interception, and rain/storm-water buffering were incorporated into our reports. Using credits delivered from these preserved ecosystem services, Port Townsend, reduced development hurdles for our client.

“I’m looking forward to working with you on this project, the drone imagery, the pacific madrones, and the mycology projects.”
-Darryl S. of Port Townsend – Developer – January 2017.