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Expert Evaluation and Analysis of Forest Resources

Peninsula Urban Forestry, LLC delivers professional, science and experience-based evaluations, forest management, and resource analysis. We offer quality forest resource information and recommendations based on your management objectives.

Forests are complex ecosystems. Many factors intertwine to create a resilient and productive forest. It’s the interplay of these factors that creates a healthy, sustainable forest. It’s important to monitor and assess forest health to inform your management goals.

Our consulting Forester begins by interviewing forest and land owners to identify land use and forest management history. Prior to visiting the location, we examine public records, aerial photography, soil maps, and many other resources to separate the property into management units. Next, we groundtruth the management units by doing an onsite assessment and evaluate signs and symptoms of tree disease, physiological stress, insect activity, tree structure, and other issues. We evaluate the species composition (including invasive species), forest landscape assessment inventory including timber products, the hydrology onsite, overview of wildlife habitat onsite, and recreation resources. In the office, we analyze the data we’ve collected to make management recommendations that are science-based, practical, and effective.

Practical & Effective Forest Management Recommendations

Many practical and effective management recommendations are available to support forest growth. Some forests are limited by nutrients, water, or are under attack from insects, fungi, bacteria, or multiple pathogens. Forest productivity and management for your goals can be hampered by these factors. Therefore, it is important to accurately analyze forest health indicators to make conscientious management recommendations.

Preventative Care is Important

By the time the forest shows symptoms of stress, the biological issue may be in the late stages. Management options exist to intercede with signs of decline in forests and regain productivity and/or reforest. However, it is always best to monitor for forest health to catch symptoms early. Peninsula Urban Forestry’s Forester and Certified Arborists meet with property owners to discuss any sightings of disease, then we examine and analyze the trees and forest.

Primary Clients

  • Large residential property owners
  • Home owner’s associations
  • Forest managers – Private residence and public agencies
  • New forest owners
  • Logging companies and log buyers
  • Cities and Counties

Key Services

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Forest Landscape Assessments

Our forest landscape assessments cover many forestry, land management, arboricultural, wetland science, soil science methods, among others.

We evaluate the forest community, assess the overall health of the forest, we determine site productivity and Site Index, we determine soil health and nutrient availability, we examine any pests & diseases, we determine hydrological factors, we observe wildlife habitat availability, and recreation potential.

By evaluating management-unit and site-specific limitations, we can make tailored management recommendations that are science-based and pair our observations and analyses with our clients’ goals.


Have noxious weeds on your property?

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Invasive Plant Management

At Peninsula Urban Forestry, we know invasive plants and we can treat invasive plants & noxious weeds. Part of reforestation & restoration is control of invasive plants so that the ecosystem can recover with its native species composition. We are a Washington State Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Operator for herbicides in private residence, aquatic areas,ornamental landscapes, and rights-of-way.

At Peninsula Urban Forestry, we focus on the Client’s goals and on the forest. Our shared years of experience and education will help you achieve better growth from your forest investments and be an improved steward of your land for the future.

By protecting your forestland interests now, you are securing them for the future. We specialize in approaching land management from a holistic perspective.

We provide Forest Evaluation and Forest Management reports to large and small landowners in all of Western Washington and large land owners in Eastern Washington.

Timber Management Plans

Peninsula Urban Forestry writes Timber Management Plans that count towards Washington State’s Designated Forest Land tax relief program. We can write Timber Management Plans with many different goals in mind.

Covering a wide variety of forest types, from managing a forest for firewood production to timber production to Old Growth restoration or protection, Peninsula Urban Forestry has the experience and education to produce science-based Timber Management Plans. We listen to landowner goals to create guides to follow to receive the benefits of the Designated Forest Land tax relief.


Forest Productivity Evaluations

Part of owning forestland is maintaining a productive, resilient forest. A productive forest is one that can maintain biomass growth; a resilient forest is one that is able to withstand disturbance (wind storms, disease outbreak, etc.) and maintain its essential characteristics. The goal is to have both a productive and resilient forest.

Peninsula Urban Forestry analyzes the soil types, current and past tree growth, land use history, and many other factors to determine forest productivity potential and create an estimate of Site Index.

Reforestation & Restoration Planning

At Peninsula Urban Forestry, we plan for the future. We want to help you plan too. As the proverb says, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

At Peninsula Urban Forestry, we understand there are many issues that factor into ecosystem success. It’s important to fit the right tree in the right place for survival, return on investment, aesthetics, forest productivity, and forest resilience. Let us help you plan your reforestation and restoration planting.