Our Services

Our Services

Comprehensive Management of Wild and Urban Landscapes


Arborist Services are used by both public and private tree owners, on residential, business, commercial and public properties. We serve homeowners and their associations, colleges, hospitals, cities, counties, and the State. We provide tree diagnostics, assessments & evaluation using rigorous, scientific methods and a multidisciplinary approach. Some of our Arborist Services include:




Our Urban & Community Forestry Services include strategic urban forest planning, development, and data acquisition. Our advanced knowledge of western Washington municipal, county and State codes and our background in restoration ecology allow diverse solutions to any array of environmental issues. We focus on the services, functionality and values of plants, trees and landscapes. We focus on green infrastructure as a tool for urban forestry development.

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In addition to our consulting and design work, we offer Land Stewardship services. We manage complex ecological landscapes all the way down to a back-yard rain garden. Founded in restoration ecology, our firm provides execution and installation of a variety of enhancement & mitigation projects for wetlands, steep slopes & bluffs, streams and more. We are all licensed pest control operators with the State of Washington and provide safe, sustainable herbicide solutions.




Peninsula Urban Forestry provides rigorous Environmental Consulting services and a variety of landscapes including wetlands, coasts, forests and streams. Our environmental consulting services are on-time, cost-efficient and will meet local and State code required for the project.

Forests & Woodlands

Wildland forests are a composition of natural elements, including trees and other vegetation, wildlife, rivers, ponds, soils and the belowground biological community. We provide forest owners with Timber Management plans for tax relief, noxious weed management, reforestation and more.

Wetlands & Ponds

Wetlands play a crucial role in our communities by improving water quality, recharging groundwater (wells), and reducing flood severity. Impacts and disturbances to wetlands are regulated by local and federal jurisdictions. We engage wetland owners with permitting, restoration and other solutions.

Coasts & Shorelines

The Puget Sound contains nearly 2,500 miles of shoreline, much of which are on steep slopes. We provide coastal landowners with ecologically minded, holistic techniques towards shoreline tree management, viewshed planning, coastal restoration & design.

Streams and Rivers

Streams and riparian areas are critical to our natural systems, especially here in Western Washington. These features act as habitat and conduits for wildlife, fish, and nutrients. Restoration of salmon habitat is a high priority of Washington, and we assist through restoration design and proper management. Understanding stream dynamics can help manage for flood risk and channel migration. Impacts and disturbances to streams are regulated by local and federal jurisdictions. We aid individuals with permitting, restoration and other solutions within riparian zones.