Peninsula Urban Forestry is the residing community forester for multiple eastern Puget Sound home-owner associations, golf courses and housing communities. We offer strategic community forest planning, arborist report reviews, and forestry evaluations.

By-laws, ordinances, pruning and ​removal specifications

By enacting by-laws, ordinances, and tree management specifications, your community can develop professional standards in tree uniformity, stop mal-pruning of trees, and reduce overall risk associated with trees and vegetation. Regulation of tree pruning will alleviate the problems from incorrectly pruned trees.

Natural resource inventories: GIS, iTree

An accurate inventory of your natural resources is the first step in active management of that resource. Tree inventories are a way to fully understand your trees ecological benefits and monetary entitlements. Data can be compiled in a way best suited for client capacity and needs.

Landscape Monitoring, Risk Evaluations and Objective Reporting

Regular inspections, assessments, risk evaluations, and pest/pathogen evaluations are all part of managing a large number of trees. Stay within your standard of care by staying aware and being proactive relative to your green space management.

Risk management is solely the responsibility of the landowner. Also, if your project needs contingency reporting or monitoring post installation, we can help. Our native and non-native plant identification skills are expert level, foliage present or not.