104 N Laurel St Suite 110
    Port Angeles, WA 98382
104 N Laurel St Suite 110
    Port Angeles, WA 98382

Environmental and Ecological Management

Professional Arborists & Biologists

We are a Western Washington based tree and environmental company focused on wild and urban landscapes. We provide science based, objective solutions to ecosystem management using integrated, holistic approaches and techniques.

Our certified Arborists objectively evaluate tree and forest health, safety and longevity. Our wetland biologists provide accessible and feasible planning and evaluation of wetland ecosystems. Our team of plant ecologists successfully restore and enhance coasts, wetlands, streams, forests and steep slopes. Together we form a team with diverse skills and passions that allow us to achieve our goal of holistic ecosystem stewardship across a variety of landscapes. Let us help you better manage your land and plants.

Our Mission

“Peninsula Urban Forestry holistically manages the fragmented, yet interconnected, ecosystems within our communities, urban areas and wild spaces. Our passion is the interface between person and plant, community and green space.”

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Arborist Services

Arborist Services are used by both public and private tree owners, on residential, business, commercial and public properties. We serve homeowners and their associations, colleges, hospitals, cities, counties, and the State… Read More

Urban & Community Forestry

Our Urban & Community Forestry Services include strategic urban forestry planning, development and data acquisition. Our advanced knowledge of western Washington municipal, county and State codes…. Read More

Land & Vegetation Management

In addition to our consulting and design work, we offer Land and Vegetation Management services. We manage complex ecological landscapes all the way down to a back-yard rain garden… Read More

Environmental Consulting

Peninsula Urban Forestry provides rigorous Environmental Consulting services in a variety of landscapes including wetlands, coasts, forests and streams. Our environmental consulting services are on-time, cost-efficient and… Read More

Ecological Management and Vegetation Services

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Customer Testimonials

Report writing, planning and environmental regulation.

Our Services

We provide environmental services and ecological management while also providing detailed tree management, advanced tree preservation and pruning, sustainable herbicide applications, green landscaping, and more. Our client list includes many residential homeowners, developers and builders, engineers, landscape architects, hospitals, colleges, geotechnical and geological professionals, contractors, surveyors, tree service providers, orchards, nurseries, municipalities and state departments.

We service the entire peninsula and the growing Puget metropolis, as well as northern and eastern Washington. We’ve successfully managed projects and permits within 25+ jurisdictions, including counties and cities across Washington.

What We Do


Urban Impacts on the Natural Environment

Peninsula Urban Forestry is a Sequim-based environmental firm that focuses on urban impacts to our natural environment. We provide a science based, objective approach to tree and biological evaluation and management, grounded in years of experience from a variety of environmental fields.

Core Services

Our core services include tree risk evaluation, pest and disease diagnostics, and Plant Health Care; tree retention for construction sites; planning, management and mitigation of Environmental Sensitive Areas and Natural Growth Protection Areas; urban tree and forestry inventory and management plans; vegetation restoration and mitigation plans; and tree appraisal and expert witness services.

Peninsula Urban Forestry’s team produces expert site plans, documentation, and verbose reports as needed to meet our clients objectives. Peninsula Urban Forestry is fully insured, licensed (PENINUF841NE) and bonded with the State of Washington.

Holistic Approach to Vegetation Management

Peninsula Urban Forestry manages trees and vegetation holistically. We discipline ourselves in the science and practice of plant biology, ecology, air quality, and the environmental and social benefits of plants. ​Our passion is the interface between person and plant; community and green space.

Community Infrastructure

Urban trees and vegetation are a vital part of a community infrastructure. Public trees, parks, street trees, green resources, air quality, and rain-water are all pieces of our functioning urban ecosystem. Trees improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants and by releasing oxygen. They intercept harmful airborne particles and muffle urban noise. Their shade and transpiration cool the surrounding air and reduce heating and cooling costs of buildings. These tree benefits grow exponentially with age. This means proper tree planning from the beginning will offer greater rewards for generations to come.

Examples of Our Work

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