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Arborists, Biologists, and Foresters in Washington State

The Forest as a Whole

Peninsula Urban Forestry, LLC is an interdisciplinary team of environmental professionals. We are solution-oriented arborists, biologists, urban foresters & traditional foresters, ecologists, horticulturalists, landscape designers and remote sensing professionals dedicated to holistic ecosystem management. We study and engage both individual trees and complex ecosystems within our communities, urban areas, and wildland-urban interfaces. Let us help you better manage your land and plants.

Our key business solutions include arborist services, tree risk management, sustainable urban greening & urban forestry; wetland sciences, forestry sciences, environmental sciences & environmental mitigation; tree, botanical, wetland, marine & wildlife assessments and monitoring; and natural area restoration and stewardship. Our Environmental Solutions provide clients with advanced, yet accessible, science-based management of urban and rural landscapes.

Our firm serves the residential and private tree & landscape, wetland and forestry sectors, as well as, private and public development, environmental regulation and mitigation sectors in Washington. We deliver urban forestry consulting, natural system consulting, and remote sensing services across Washington, Oregon, California, and Michigan.

Our Mission

“Peninsula Urban Forestry holistically manages the fragmented, yet interconnected, ecosystems within our communities, urban areas and wild spaces. Our passion is the interface between person and plant, community and green space.”

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Bainbridge island
Arborist Services, Permitting

Bainbridge Island Arborist Reports and Tree Permits

August 24, 2018
Peninsula Urban Forestry offers a variety of arborist reports for Bainbridge Island, WA, including pruning specifications and tree permitting services...
Mazama pocket gopher survey
Evaluation and Analysis

Mazama Pocket Gopher

June 8, 2018
We are certified by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to survey for...
Coasts and Shorelines

Conducting a Forage Fish Survey

June 7, 2018
Forage fish surveys must be conducted 72 hours prior to any type of construction in or near the water. These...
Evaluation and Analysis, Outreach and Education

End of Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine

May 24, 2018
Feds set to end quarantine of major ash tree killing insect It appears Ash trees, the Fraxinus genus, will be...
Evaluation and Analysis, Forests and Woodlands, Permitting

Wildfires and Defensible Structures

May 14, 2018
As the frequency and intensity of wildfires increases due to several factors, like past fire suppression, climate, and weather, it...

Arborist Services

Arborist Services are used by both public and private tree owners, on residential, business, commercial and public properties. We serve homeowners and their associations, colleges, hospitals, cities, counties, and the State… Read More


Urban & Community Forestry

Our Urban & Community Forestry Services include strategic urban forestry planning, development and data acquisition. Our advanced knowledge of western Washington municipal, county and State codes…. Read More


Land Stewardship

In addition to our consulting and design work, we offer land stewardship and management services. We manage complex ecological landscapes all the way down to a back-yard rain garden… Read More


Environmental Consulting

Peninsula Urban Forestry provides rigorous Environmental Consulting services in a variety of landscapes including wetlands, coasts, forests and streams. Our environmental consulting services are on-time, cost-efficient and… Read More

Expert Certified Arborists, Foresters, Wetland Biologists, Landscape Designers & GIS Professionals.

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What We Do


Our Services

Our team produces expert quality, science-based reporting, advanced environmental analysis/evaluation, and complete, technical site plans, as needed to meet our clients objectives. In addition to our consulting services, we provide technical tree pruning, old tree preservation services, sustainable landscaping, rain gardens, steep slope stabilization and slope restoration, softshore stabilization, coastal, wetland and backshore restoration, and sustainable herbicide application.

Our client list includes residential homeowners, developers and builders, engineers, landscape architects, hospitals, colleges, geotechnical and geological professionals, contractors, surveyors, tree service providers, orchards, nurseries, municipalities and state departments.

As a General Contractor, we service the entire peninsula and the growing Puget metropolis, as well as northern and eastern Washington. We’ve successfully managed projects and permits within 25+ jurisdictions, including counties and cities across Washington.

Managing Forests as an Ecosystem

We define a forest as a composition of many natural elements: not just trees, but also their ecological community, wildlife, the belowground community, rivers, wetlands, and the marine zone. The inclusion of the word urban includes other factors to our urban forest narrative, namely planning and design aspects, green infrastructure, social and economic factors, public health and safety.

Consultant & General Contractor

Peninsula Urban Forestry, LLC is a Washington Limited Liability Company. We are fully certified, licensed and insured to consult with the State of Washington, Oregon, California and Michigan. We are licensed, bonded and insured as a General Contractor in the State of Washington: license number PENINUF841NE .


Holistic Approach to Land Stewardship

Peninsula Urban Forestry manages trees and vegetation holistically. We discipline ourselves in the science and practice of plant biology, ecology, air quality, and the environmental and social benefits of plants. ​Our passion is the interface between person and plant; community and green space.

Community Infrastructure

Urban trees and vegetation are a vital part of a community infrastructure. Public trees, parks, street trees, green resources, air quality, and rain-water are all pieces of our functioning urban ecosystem. Trees improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants and by releasing oxygen. They intercept harmful airborne particles and muffle urban noise. Their shade and transpiration cool the surrounding air and reduce heating and cooling costs of buildings. These tree benefits grow exponentially with age. This means proper tree planning from the beginning will offer greater rewards for generations to come.

Examples of Our Work

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